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Like broken stained glass…

January 19th, 2009 | Josie

Like broken stained glass…

The glass in the windows

Red, yellow, green

Angels and animals

Miracles, dreams

Thunder and lightning

Pain, death, and love

Father, Son, Ghost

The Lamb and the Dove

The sun shining through

Hits the young face

Of the girl standing there

Halted in haste

By the gut-wrenching wonder

And the beauty of glass

Too high to reach

Too lovely to pass

She stands and she thinks

Of her hopes and her dreams

So like the glass in the panes

Or so it seems

If only she can

Grow strong and tall

She can reach her dreams

Rise above all

The mundane and mire

The sadness and strife

Like the beautiful windows

Her dreams signal life

The colors and wishes

They are one and the same

They are love, they are hop

eHer desires, her aims

She’s doesn’t know how

She wound up on the floor

Surrounded by glass

Shame-faced, ignored

Is it something she did

Or some misguided stumble

That has broken her dreams

And caused hope to crumbl

eShe tries through her tears

To gather the shatters

To put them together

To make something that matters

But the glass is too sharp

All her efforts for naught

Leaving bloody reminders

Of the pain life has wrought

As she lies amidst shards

Broken hopes, destroyed dreams

She prays for a someone

To see beyond how it seem

sSomeone who can take

All that’s broken and cracked

Seeing beauty, potential

And ignore what is lacked

Someone who wants

To touch each fissure, each sca

rTo love and to heal them

But won’t ask what they are

There is hope in her prayer

For hope never quite leaves

A hope for a love

That desires, believes

That there are things that are broken

But still hold appeal

If someone can help them

To mend and to heal

Alone, I lie here

Amidst broken stained glass

Praying for hope

To help the pain pass

Until then, I lie here

Broken, alone

Waiting for the color

To fade on its own

Forgetting feeling…

October 21st, 2008 | Josie

Forgetting feeling…

She’s happy in this mask she wears

A painted-on smile to hide pained, aching tears

Both delighted and sad that the world cannot see

The dark spots on her soulLies in the leaves

The red like her blood, turned from green like her eyes

Hiding the tired, hurt spirit inside

Locking her soul, hiding the key

In a poem around riddles

Thrown into the sea

Buried deep in the dirt

She’s afraid of the dark

Slowly but surely crushing her heart

The hole is too deep, she’s forgotten to swim

How to scream, how to dream

Losing the battle

In a war she can’t win

Standing in a crowded room

Too alone to try

She opens her mouth

Nothing comes out

All that’s wet is dry

She can’t cry, she can’t think

She can’t remember what it is to feel

Not happy, not sad

Flat, pretend, simply not real

The numbness, it spreads, like ice through her veins

Freezes her heart

Dulling the pain

The scars on her heart

Are white against red

Missing the hurt and the thoughts in her head

To hurt is to feel

To feel is to live

In pain and hurting, but hurt is not dead

There is more hope in being

Alive and alone

Than dead and forgotten

But still on your own